Field School Schedule

Keels 6020 Field Research Methods Schedule (Tentative)

Date EventLocation
Sept 5 Introductory ClassSt. John's
Week 1Classes on interviewing, ethics, audio and visual recording techniques.Keels
Sept 9Arrive at Keels, Reception and meal by Keels Community Council and residents
Sept 10John Mannion: The Cultural Landscape of Keels
Sept 11Gerald Pocius: Problems and issues in field research
Sept 12
Dale Jarvis: Observation and description techniques and practices.
Brian Ricks: Photography: The Perspective of the Professional
Sept 13Guha Shankar: Sound Recording Techniques and Introduction to Technology
Sept 14Guha Shankar: Sound Recording Archiving and Introduction to Photographic Technology
Sept 15Guha Shankar: Photographic Techniques and Photographic Archiving
Week 2Measuring and drawing buildings. Interviews with local residents.Keels
Sept 17Tom Carter: Introduction to Building Documentation: Equipment and Strategies
Sept 18 Tom Carter: Building Elevations and Details
Sept 19Tom Carter: Working on your own buildings
Sept 20Tom Carter: Completing field sheets
Sept 21Tom Carter: Discussion of findings and the finished drawing
Week 3Students conducting their own interviews and research. Presentation to the community of the project.Keels
Sept 24-27Conducting fieldwork, archiving, labeling, recording logs
Sept 28Creating presentations for the community
Sept 29Presentation to the community.
Sept 30 Arrival back in St. John'sSt. John's