Sunday, 23 September 2012

Facing "The Field"

Our time is quickly slipping by. During this last week, we are all working at linking place and people, faces and friendships, insiders and outsiders. We learn about these dichotomies, we sometimes try to keep boundaries clear, but realize they often become blurred. Ethnography becomes that messy business where we end up wondering about this field work. Work that is play, work that is learning, work that is frustrating, rewarding, exhilirating, terrifying, or fun. We are in a place far from the familiar, a place different. But soon the reality of this place will become memory, and our memories of these three weeks will be of sounds and conversations and faces. We will write about our time in academic ways, but we will know how inadequate that way of writing often is. What will remain will be these faces from our field.

All photos Jerry Pocius

Ed, Kiyomi, Kayla and Ster

Kristin, Erin, Claire and Wins: accordion heaven

Alvin with treasures

John supervising Kristin, Ed and Erin


Noah getting the details from Alicia and Claire

Alicia and friend at The Cape


Percy and another kind of fish at the Ryan Premises


Wilson Hayward remembers: three pies

Phonse at the nets

Noah records, Phonse describes

Bonavista Social Club: the new NL


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