Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Keels Campus Closed for the Day


A windswept Alicia and Noah (Photo: Meghann Jack) 

We were greeted this morning by the tail end of tropical storm Leslie.  Although our houses shook in an alarming manner, clocks needed resetting, and class was cancelled, we were spared the worst of the wind. 

Things cleared up early in the afternoon and we were able to make our planned trip into Upper Amherst Cove.  We stopped at the lovely Bonavista Social Club, run by Katie (née Paterson) and Shane Hayes, located on the former premises of the Paterson Woodworking showroom.  After picking up bread baked in their wood oven and putting in orders for fresh produce, we headed to Bonavista to pick up a few staples.


Mike Paterson's house in Upper Amherst Cove

(Photo: Meghann Jack)

Back in Keels, with our fridges fully stocked, we had a festive evening celebrating our first Field School birthday.

As things wind down for the evening, we're thinking of our colleagues, friends, and family on the Avalon Peninsula and sending our best wishes their way.

Make a wish Alicia! (Photo: Meghann Jack)


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