Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hauling the Lobster and Jiggin' the Cod: A Landlubber's Odyssey


I get seasick. Even on the Prince Edward Island ferry. But I figured this was my once in a lifetime opportunity to jig for cod, so I popped a gravol and took off in Ster Welcher's speedboat. Merrily I hummed a Rankin Family tune --- "Fishermen's Son" as we bounced along, pleased in my seafaring adventure.They tell me it was calm seas, a beautiful day, but I was turning green and wishing for solid ground the moment we threw the line over side and started to bob on the water. I caught a cod fish almost immediately, managed to haul him to the edge of the boat, but refused to touch him, promptly turned around and remained in the bow of the boat, my head over the side, ridding myself of lunch. Sprays of brownish gravy-like fluid blew by the side of the boat as we motored around. I was in utter misery. Junior Fitzgerald was having a good laugh from across the way in our companion boat, Ster was concerned about having to potentially clean up vomit.

I guess I am a disgrace to Bluenoser's everywhere. The farmgirl from SASKATCHEWAN(!) was jiggin' cod like a pro, and me, a born and bred Nova Scotian, was a wobbly, vomiting mess.  

I was reassured when we pulled up to the wharf that lots of folks get seasick, even fishermen's sons. Perhaps so. But I failed miserably in my fishing expedition. Ster took pity, hooked a cod on Jerry's deep sea rod, and said I could pose with it. I'll go to sea no more.  

Kristin, Junior Fitzgerald and Alicia jig for cod.

My trophy fish.

Mr. Cod and Alicia

The farmgirl and Mr. Cod.
The perils of cod jiggin': tangled lines.

Junior and Annie Jane gut and fillet our cod.

Glamour shot.

Making waves in Junior's speedboat.

Jerry, looking windswept, and Ster
Ster and Rodney at the wharf.

Ster, with John Ducey, splitting the fish. Ster says its near impossible to buy a splitting knife now.

Ster and Jerry managed to haul in 10 fish, and our companion boat the same. The food fishery for cod lasts until Sunday. Those who wish can head out in their boats, catch 5 cod per person or 15 cod per boat, per day. Usually, the fish is filleted and frozen or split and salted, and eaten throughout the winter months.    

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