Friday, 21 September 2012

Work and Play

"La bonne cuisine est la

base du véritable bonheur."

(Photo: Claire McDougall)

We’ve all been working hard the last week and a half, learning about photography and audio recording, metadata and interviewing techniques.  As yesterday’s posts made clear, our current focus is on measuring and documenting buildings.  Learning new things is thought-provoking, exciting and, at times, exhausting.  Developing new skills in a group context always presents its own challenges, but I have found the experience here in Keels incredibly rewarding.  We’re going through growing pains together, quite literally; we really did have to stretch for some of those measurements.  There is nothing quite so satisfying as working towards, and accomplishing, a common goal.  When achieving that goal involves exercising both brain and body, though, it can make for a long day.

When the working day is jam-packed, I always like to take a little time, to allow myself to unwind.  Over the course of this field school, I have found that time and space in the kitchen.  Erin (roommate extraordinaire) and I have been cooking up a storm…

Fried Cod Tongues



                Fish Chowder


Fish Cakes

(Photos: Claire McDougall)

…and there seems to be a theme developing…

It’s not all cod all the time, though.  Tonight we’re going to enjoy a barbequed meal at Rosie Welcher’s place.  We’re unlikely to have fish in addition to our sausages and chops (and there’s a part of me that worries I might go into withdrawal without it).  We are, however, guaranteed good company and the same overwhelming hospitality that has been extended to us since our arrival.

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